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Portrait Shots Session

Doing this shoot wasn’t too hard, the backgrounds were nice even colours and my subject did what I wanted with little guidance. The smallest bit of trouble came from the lighting. By the time we were able to do the photo’s there wasn’t much natural light left so most of it ended up being over head and side lights. I also had to play around with the ISO so as to not have the photo’s too bright or too dark. There were shadows I didn’t want showing up but in some it worked for what I wanted. I didn’t want to do a dramatic photo shoot, I chose to do a natural one, simple colours, clothes, hair, and makeup. I wanted to just show the simplicity of a portrait, how the subject can still look beautiful without distracting props, backgrounds, etc. It was fun to do and I definitely learned what I want/need when I do portraits again.


Portrait Shots

Portrait Shots


Eeyore Drawing

A little viral video I did for a school assignment, decided to show people that anyone can draw decently with practice. The first time I did it I didn’t realize the camera had stopped recording, so I had to redo it. I’d had too many photo’s so there wasn’t room for the whole video. I saved then deleted the photo’s and began recording again. My hand was pretty sore afterwards. The whole video was about 13min, but I sped it up and added some enjoyable background music.

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